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“Golden Gopher” Organic Melon Seed


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This hardy, cold tolerant melon reliably produces deeply ribbed 6” diameter fruits averaging 2 ½ lbs each.   These sweet tasting melons are similar to a cantaloupe, but smaller and more subtle in flavor with deep orange flesh and an exceptionally high sugar content.  Since the fruits will slip easily or fall off the vine when ripe, they should be picked daily to avoid over ripening and splitting. This variety was developed in the 1930’s by the University of Minnesota, and saved from possible extinction by Glenn Drowns of Sandhill Preservation Center. This hardy muskmelon is resistant to Fusarium wilt.

Original Seed Source: Turtle Tree. Grown by Greenblade Farm in St. Ignatius, MT. Certified Organic. Cucumis melo.

85 days

Approx. 30 seeds


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