“Long Pie Pumpkin” Organic Winter Squash Seed



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The beauty of starting a seed company in a region with a history of seed production and sales is we can bring back varieties that work well in our region and tell their story. Long Pie dates back to the late 1800’s. Almost lost forever, Long Pie Pumpkin was brought back to commercial production by John Navazio and Garden City Seeds in the early 1990s. These magical fruit that resemble overgrown zucchini are indeed pumpkins. The fruits range from 3-5 lbs each. In 2014 50 plants yielded over 450 lbs. They are virtually stringless and sweet. At harvest, mature fruits are green with a small orange spot. This spot is the telltale sign they are ready to harvest. Cure them as you would any other winter squash and store them in 50 F conditions. As time passes these wonderful fruit turn a bright orange. Take these bright orange fruit out of storage on those cold, grey Montana days and use in your favorite pie, bread or soup recipes. Oh, and don’t fret if the fruit you harvest do not have an orange spot. These immature fruit work great in place of zucchini in your favorite bread recipes. Original Seed Source: Fedco. Grown by Fresh Roots Farm in Polson, MT. Certified Organic. Cucurbita pepo.

100 – 105 days from transplant

Available in bulk sizes:

A. 30 seed packet $3.00

B. 1/2 oz $7.00

C. 1 oz $11.00

D. 2 oz $18.00

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A. 30 seeds $3.00, B. 1/2 oz $7.00, C. 1 oz $11.00, D. 2 oz $18.00


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