About Us

What We Stand For

The Triple Divide Organic Seeds Cooperative is a cooperative of Montana-based organic seed producers dedicated to maintaining and improving organic, open-pollinated, regionally adapted, GMO-free seeds.

The seeds we offer are tried and true varieties suitable to the intermountain west’s diverse growing regions. Our varieties have been selected and developed for years by our growers for vigor, taste, texture, and disease and pest resistance.

Triple Divide Organic Seeds Cooperative fills an important role in our region’s effort to reestablish local and regional control over our food supply. Seed, and in particular seed grown under organic practices in our region’s soils and climatic conditions, creates resiliency in our food supply for both farmers and gardeners.

Triple Divide Organic Seeds Cooperative offers the highest quality seed to our customers. We achieve this through our rigorous Quality Management Program and our on-going professional production development program.

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