verde de puebla tomatillo

“Verde de Puebla” Organic Tomatillo Seed


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Bushy plants are prolific producers of large, firm, yellow-green fruits with a tangy, lemony taste. The round 1-3 in. diameter fruits are firmer than a tomato and have a sweet, tangy lemony flavor. Verde de Puebla tomatillos are larger and more yellow-green than most other varieties. Plants require staking or trellising. Harvest when plump and papery husks split. Produces continuously and can survive a light frost. Fruits are easily stored at room temperature for 2-4 weeks.  An essential ingredient in sauces and salsas, especially salsa verde, these tomatillos are also delicious fresh or roasted.

Original Seed Source: Fedco. Grown by Greenblade Farm in St. Ignatius, MT. Certified Organic. Physalis philadelphica.

70 days.

Approx. 30 seeds


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