Heinz Paste Tomato

“Heinz Paste 2653” Organic Tomato Seed



Product Description

Heinz Paste produces a load of 2.5 – 3 oz tomatoes that make a great canning sauce. The plants are compact and upright, which keeps the fruit clean. Fruit ripens nearly all at once. In 2014 we had a record September frost that recorded 24 F. Under row cover these tomatoes not only survived but they were the only tomatoes we had left and produced an abundance of fruit until they were picked clean in early October. Grown by Fresh Roots Farm in Polson, MT. Certified Organic. Lycopersicon esculentum.

68 days

Available in bulk sizes:

A. Approx 30 seed packet $3.00

B. 2 g $6.00

C. 10 g $22.00

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A. 30 seeds $3.00, B. 2 g $6.00, C. 10 g $22.00


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