Shunkyo semi-long radish, 2016

“Shunkyo Semi-long” Organic Radish Seed


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Cylindrical roots 4-5″ long, pink-red, radishy and sweet. Slow to bolt, can be sown throughout the year. Strap-leaf foliage makes attractive bunches.  “Traditional long red Chinese specialty” says Johnny’s Seed, where I sourced the stock seed. Grown by Good Egg Farm in Moiese, MT. Certified Organic. Raphanus sativus. 

32 days

Available in bulk sizes:

A. 3 gram packet $3.00

B. 14 g $6.00

C. 28g $11.00

D. 1/4 lb $22.00

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A. 3 g $3.00, B. 14 g $6.00, C. 28 g $11.00, D. 1/4 lb $22.00


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