“Misato Rose” Organic Radish Seed


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A colorful addition to fall salads. Misato Rose has green and white skin and a rose and white flesh. This is a fall radish and best sown in early summer for fall harvest. Spring sowing can lead to premature bolting. Roots size up to about 5” and store well. Grown by Fresh Roots Farm in Polson, MT. Certified Organic. Raphanus sativus. 

60 days

Available in bulk sizes:

A. 3 gram packet $3.00

B. 14 g $6.00

C. 28g $11.00

D. 1/4 lb $22.00

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A. 3 g $3.00, B. 14 g $6.00, C. 28 g $11.00, D. 1/4 lb $22.00


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