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“Love-in-a-Mist” Organic Nigella Seed


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Love-in-a-mist is a charming and very hardy annual with solitary blue blossoms, finely-cut, thread-like leaves, and unusual lacey seed pods.  The periwinkle-blue flowers are 1-1 ½ in. wide, and appear to sit atop a bed of lacy, misty foliage. Plants typically grow to be 1 ½ – 2 ft. tall. Plants bloom in early-mid summer, and begin to form their unusual egg-shaped horned seed capsules in late summer. Plants will self-sow easily if seed heads are left to mature. In early summer, love-in-a-mist is an attractive cut flower and later, the seed pods are a unique addition to dried flower arrangements. In addition, the edible seeds can be used in place of poppy seeds or, more typically, in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines as a tangy spice known as kalonji or black cumin.

Original Source: Turtle Tree Seed. Grown by Greenblade Farm in St. Ignatius, MT. Certified Organic. Nigella sativa.

60 days flower/85 days seed

Approx 100 seeds


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