Windsor Fava Bean

“Windsor” Organic Fava Bean Seed


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a.k.a. Broad beans or Horse beans. The perfect bean for Montana as it actually LIKES cold weather! Should be sown at the same time as peas, when the soil can first be worked in the spring. The highest and most digestible protein of all beans. We sow 3 to 4 inches apart with 15 inches between rows. An upright, bush-type heirloom, it may need staking with closer spacing. Favas are great grilled in the shells, then eaten whole, or popped out of their pods like edamame. They are the original “falafel” bean. Boiled and frozen they are a nutritious addition to your meals all winter long. Grown by Terrapin Farm in Whitefish, MT. Vicia faba.

75 days fresh/95 days dry

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A. 1.75 oz packet $3.00

B. ½ lb $7.00

C. 1lb  $12.00

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A. 1.75 oz $3.00, B. 1/2 lb $7.00, C. 1 lb $12.00


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