“Emmalou’s Golden” Organic Bush Dry Bean Seed


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Montana’s only heirloom dry bean. This dry bean is the most reliable variety for finishing in short season gardens. A small golden bean that we suspect is derivative of the Swedish Brown Bean. Cooks to a creamy consistency, with thin skins that hold up and don’t split even in long cooked stews. An ideal baked bean. We also found this bean one of the most productive and easiest to thresh and clean. Grown by Deluge Farm in Paradise, MT and Good Egg Farm in Moiese, MT. Certified Organic. Phaseolus vulgaris. 

109 days.

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A. 1 oz $3.00

B. 4 oz $8.00

C. 1 lb $14.00

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A. 1 oz $3.00, B. 4 oz $8.00, C. 1 lb $14.00


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