Bleu de Solaise leek, 2016

“Bleu de Solaise” Organic Leek Seed


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French heirloom variety that has stood the test of time. Blue green leaves that turn purplish in winter, medium length, dense stalks. This leek will not turn to mush when the weather turns freezing. Somehow they live through Montana winters. If you want to eat leeks through fall and winter and into spring, this variety is for you.
And if you leave a few in the ground, the second year they will send up 4′ tall flower stalks, with lavender, disco-ball shaped flower heads 4” across. They attract pollinators and look awesome. Everyone will ask you what they are. And what the heck, let some make seed. The three-sided seed pods will mature then dry and release your new leek seed supply.
Available in bulk quantities:
A. 2 gram packet $3.00

B. 7 g $7.00

C. 14 g $12.00

D. 28 g $20.00

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A. 2g $3.00, B. 7g $7.00, C. 14g $12.00, D. 28g $20.00


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