Homestead Organics

Homestead Organics Farm is located four miles south of Hamilton, nestled between Highway 93 and Skalkaho Highway (Montana Hwy 38). It is a diversified farm growing certified organic mixed vegetables, seeds, and poultry. Laura Garber and Henry Wuensche own and operate this family farm together and believe in the power to build community through food. The farm hosts workshops, parties, and summer Farm Camp as part of its educational and community building mission. Laura and Henry see their roles as farm educators as their responsibility as well as their privilege.

Homestead Organics Farm uses crop rotation and green manure to build soil health. In addition, chickens, heritage turkeys, geese, and ducks are pastured on the farm, adding a wealth of fertility to the soil. The farm’s six high tunnels extend the Montana growing season, and are used to produce an abundance of early season crops. Fourteen acres in total, Homestead Organics Farm has space for animals, crops, people, and play! A certified commercial kitchen on the farm also adds to the diversity and potential and is available for use by community members and groups. Laura and Henry use the kitchen, called ZEN KITCHEN, to offer catering services featuring Montana grown and organic produce, grains, dairy, and meats.

Organic Certification Began: 2002

Products: Mixed vegetables, greens, spring vegetable starts for gardeners, heritage turkeys and turkey poults, chickens and eggs, and seeds.

Acreage: 14 total acres with a rotation of approximately two acres under cultivation and 10,000 square feet of covered hoop house space.

Soil Type: Sandy Loam

Frost Free Days: 90 – 110