“Tokyo Bekana” Organic Asian Green Seed



Product Description

As close to lettuce as a brassica can get! This Asian green is lime green and is leafy and very mild. Cut and come again or grow to full size. The bolting stalks cut just before flowers open are also delicious and crunchy, great for dipping or stir fry. Original seed source: Johnny’s. Grown by Homestead Organic Farm in Hamilton, MT. Certified Organic. Brassica rapa.

21 days baby, 45 days full size

Available in bulk sizes:

A. 3 gram packet $3.00

B. 14g $5.00

C. 28g $9.00

D. 56g $15.00

Additional Information


A. 3 g $3.00, B. 14 g $5.00, C. 28 g $9.00, D. 56 g $15.00


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