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Opopeo Amaranth

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Farm original. Mr. Baty’s father brought the seed from Mexico to Dixon, MT decades ago. The plants grow very tall, have dark red leaves and big blooms that spread out. This is a very productive variety. It needs trees around to retain humidity. While adding beauty to ones garden or farm, amaranth leaves can be added to salad mixes and the grain can be harvested and used for baking or as a high protein breakfast cereal. Amaranth seed is gluten free and is a complete protein. Grown by Wild Plum Farm in Dixon, MT. Certified Organic. (Amaranthus).

65 days to flower / 125 days to seed

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  1. 4 out of 5


    Opopeo Amaranth is defiantly an eye catcher! All the neighbors that looked in the garden said Wow! What is that? They thought it was beautiful! I give it 5 start for appearance. The flavor though was strong and a little bitter. I ate it raw strait off the plant. May be better in a mixed salad or cooked. Not too sure yet. I am excited to eat the seed. I am going to grow it again!

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