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“Lemon Balm” Organic Herb Seed


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Product Description

Lemon balm is a culinary and medicinal perennial herb with green mint like leaves and a lemony scent. Lemon balm can grow 2-3 ft. tall, and plants are very bushy.  It is easily grown from seed, and plants will survive temperatures as low as 0°F, and below that if well mulched. Plants respond well to cutting, and will grow back twice as thick. Use fresh sprigs as a flavorful addition to salads, to top drinks, season fish or chicken, or as a garnish. The fresh or dried leaves make a great cold or hot tea with mild sedative properties, and the stems are a lovely addition to summer flower bouquets.

Original Seed Source: High Mowing. Grown by Greenblade Farm in St. Ignatius, MT. Certified Organic. Melissa officinalis.

70 days


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