“Borettana Cipollini” Organic Onion Seed


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Not only are these onions beautiful thanks to their glowing golden skins and adorable flattened “coin” shape, but they are also exceptionally sweet and long storing. It’s unusual for a sweet onion to store as well as these–we were still eating them 6 months after harvest in 2015. Cipollini means “little onion” in Italian, but these onions will get very big if given enough space and nutrients. We have found this strain of Borettana Cipollini to be particularly bolt-resistant. Grown by Deluge Farm in Paradise, MT. Certified Organic. Allium cepa.

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A. 2 gram packet $3.00

B. 7 g $7.00

C. 14 g $12.00

D. 28 g $20.00

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A. 2g $3.00, B. 7 g $7.00, C. 14g $12.00, D. 28g $20.00


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