Aurora Orach

“Aurora” Organic Orach Seed



Product Description

Add an explosion of red, gold, green, pink and purple to your garden. This particular strain of orach (aka Mountain Spinach) was originally bred by Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seeds in Philomath, OR. Terrapin Farm has been caring and selecting for qualities over multiple generations. We encourage you to try this wonderful green that will bring a splash of light to your garden. Adds new shimmery hues to early salad mixes, it is also wonderful lightly cooked. Sow early in cool soil on 12 inch centers. Keep pinched for good production. Grown by Terrapin Farm in Whitefish, MT. Certified Organic. Altriplex hortensis.

38 days baby/50 days mature

Available in bulk sizes:

A. 4 gram packet $3.00

B. ½ oz  $9.00

C. 1oz   $15.00

D. ¼ lb $40.00                        

E. 1lb  $120.00

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A. 4g $3.00, B. 1/2 oz $9.00, C. 1oz $15.00, D. 1/4 lb $40.00, E. 1 lb $120.00


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