Greenblade Farm

Eva Masin and Dave Prather

Saint Ignatius, MT

Greenblade Farm is located in the Mission Valley near Saint Ignatius, Montana in a swale in the short grass prairie. We grow mixed vegetables for local markets and for seed production. Organic management practices allow us to produce quality crops while fostering the health and resiliency of our land. Through crop rotation, cover cropping, green manures and composting, we are slowly replenishing the soil, managing weeds and transforming one small piece of the agroecosystem we live in. Our goal is to produce an abundance of high quality food and to support others in similar efforts. We work to make a farm that helps to support healthy eating, a sustainable local economy and self sufficiency in our community and throughout the region.

Organic Practices Began: 2011

Products: Mixed vegetables and seeds

Acreage: 5 with 1 in cultivation

Soil Type: Clay / Loam

Frost Free Days: 90 – 110